BlackAshura One Piece The Overlooker
It about a Cultivator Gin Who was killed by his friends and was reborn in one piece world. One Piece is not mine and it's characters picture is also not mine. English is my Fifth language so Sorry I am bad at spelling. Enjoy
Lynx_73 Heroes of Horizon
-Two teens orphaned at the age of three led normal lives (Well normal for orphaned kids). They travel to a school known as Mid-Horizon, in the Island of Horizon. The Island of Horizon is an island hidden for centuries by magical barriers, but in this island mortals aren't the same, most of them have reached the highest point of strength a mortal could. But above them are the Superhumans.. -Disclaimer...
amakus4a Re:Zero, Why Me
I'm not an author! Only posting from this site. Credits to the author: Writer with bad Grammar T-T

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